Screen Reader Survey results, fourth edition

June 1, 2012 by JoLynne Lyon

Since 2009, the WebAIM team has worked to better understand web accessibility by surveying people who use screen readers. The results of their latest survey are out, and 93 percent of the respondents are people who use the technology because of a disability.

Among the findings:

The use of Apple mobile platforms is rising sharply among survey participants with disabilities, presumably because they find them more accessible.

Free screen readers are a viable alternative to commercial ones, according to 66.5 percent of respondents.

Web content has become more accessible over the past year, according to 35 percent of the people who responded. Forty percent said accessibility is unchanged, and 25 percent said it’s gotten worse.

For more on the survey–and to read the list of the web’s 12 most frustratingly inaccessible design problems–go to the WebAIM site and read the full results.

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