My Other Life: Ogden Relay runners explain why they run long distances on purpose

June 8, 2012 by JoLynne Lyon

Last month, several CPD employees from the National Children’s Study competed in a relay at the Ogden Marathon. The event was produced by the GOAL Foundation, which promotes events that support an active lifestyle in Utah.

As advocates for health, members of the NCS staff from both the Cache County and Salt Lake County sites decided to put together three teams to run the relay for the marathon.  The marathon relay segments were 7, 6, 5, 5 and 3 miles long.

We invited the Cache County employees to tell us a little more about their part in the race, and why they like to run. Here’s what they had to say:

Jacquelyn Alderete and Amy Nielson

Jacquelyn Alderete and Amy Nielson try to stay warm at the beginning of the race.

 Jacquelyn Aldrete: “I didn’t always love running (especially long distance), but I have become a stronger runner over the last few years and I have learned to love it, probably because of the runners high that I get every time I go. It is like medicine for my soul now. I have plans to do a triathalon this summer. It will hopefully challenge me in different ways.”

Jacquelyn ran the first leg in the relay, or 7 miles.

Amy Nielson:  “I love long distance running because it keeps me a sane person.  It helps me relieve stress, it puts me in a zone, and it gives me the time I need on my own to work through the challenges that come up in my life.  I also like how inherently difficult it is, and working through those difficulties to set new personal records.  Nothing is harder than running a marathon, and the gratification you get from doing it is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  The physical demand is exhausting, but I believe that the psychological demand is even more difficult to work through.  To know that you have the ability to overcome that type of pain gives you the strength to take on other challenges that come in your life.  I have been running since I was 14, and I plan on running until I either keel over, or my knees are too shot to do anymore.  My next race is set for this October, in Greensboro, North Carolina, at the TriLake Trail Marathon.  I am excited to take on this next running adventure!”

Amy also ran the first, 7-mile leg of the marathon for her team.

Odgen relay runnersKyle Mumford: “I’ve enjoyed running since high school, probably because it was one of the sports where I excelled in comparison to other great athletes.  After high school I continued because there is a connection you have with the world when running.  You notice the birds, the beauty as well as the rhythmic beat of your heart. … I’ve completed a full marathon here in Logan, while my brother and I did it together.   We later also did a  half-marathon in Boise ID.  I’ve competed in multiple 5K’s with a personal best of 16’58” (2004).  I plan to continue doing shorter distances but maybe occasionally do the half-marathon again.”

Kyle ran the anchor portion, 3.2 miles long. He is on the extreme left, puffing out his chest and folding his arms in the classic Chariots of Fire pose. “It’s sort of a family tradition,” he said.

Claire Adams: “In the past I have usually tried to avoid running long distances… this is a recent fad.  I’m not sure if it will come and go but right now I really enjoy it.  It’s pretty satisfying to test your body’s limits and see what I am capable of.  I would LOVE to compete again, especially with such a great group of people.  I also would like to try a half marathon myself and if I get really ambitious…  a full marathon as well.”

Claire is on the far right in the above picture. She ran a 6.1 mile leg of the relay.

Tracy D’Addabbo: I run long distances to relieve everyday stress, and to calm my mind.  I love the energy you feel when running a race!  I will most definitely compete again, as it gives me a healthy goal to pursue.

Tracy ran Leg #2, which was six miles long. She is second to the left in the above picture, in the peach-colored shirt.

a group of finishers poses at the Ogden Marathon

Cristina Christenson: “I run for good health and to challenge my body.  I enjoy the primitiveness of running and the joy I get when I exercise outside.  I especially love sharing the journey with others. I am planning on doing the Utah Half Ironman in Provo, Utah this August.”

Cristina ran leg #3, which was five miles, but then… “I kept going and ended up running the half marathon (13 miles).  It was fun to finish the race with my co-worker Amy Anderson.”

Cristina is in the blue shirt in the photo to the left.

“My Other Life” is a recurring feature highlighting the exceptional things our people do away from the office. It’s a summer/Friday thing.