CAC Corner: Introducing the Utah Caregiver Cooperative

June 13, 2012 by cpehrson

This CAC Corner blog is written by Claire Mantonya, Executive  Director of the Utah Developmental Disability Council and an Agency Representative to the CPD’s Consumer Advisory Council.
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Claire Mantonya

I am very excited to tell you about the new project that the DD Council is funding. It is to help people and families form co-ops so folks who want to get together and share talents and energy can get things that they need to make their lives better. This is an experiment that the Council is trying to address the various needs that people with disabilities and their families may have that are not being addressed through the formal service system.
The concept of co-ops has been around for a long time. A current example is, that some people are members of food co-ops, like the Bountiful Baskets, where people can pay $15 and get a whole lot of fresh produce that would cost many more dollars retail in a store .
We are going to use the ideas, talents, and gifts of people within the disability community to try and help members address the needs that they have. An example is, that sometimes people have trouble finding good staff. Co-op members might end up sharing and paying for staff together to get their needs addressed. Or, maybe people in the co-op might want to start a dinner socializing group that would connect neighbors who like to do similar activities. Co-ops will be a new way to help people connect with their neighbors.
The official title of the co-op is the Utah Caregiver Cooperative. To get connected or to get more information, please contact Marilyn Bown – 801-652-7267 or email her at
Get connected today!

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