My other life: Storee Powell

May 18, 2012 by JoLynne Lyon

Just in time for summer: We’re starting a new blog feature about the things our people do when they’re not at work. Our first installment is about Storee Powell.

This spring Storee won six awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for her reporting. She works at the CPD as the PR/Marketing Specialist for the Utah Assistive Technology Program. She is also a reporter for Cache Valley Daily and Utah Public Radio, and she has free-lanced for other publications as well.

Her favorite story was a feature she did in 2010 at UPR on the effect the war in the Congo had on its women. “I interviewed a Congo native woman, now living in Utah, about her experiences there. It was the most emotional interview I’ve ever done, and I realized at that moment how important it is to use journalism as a tool to help tell people’s stories,” she said.

Here’s what she says about her Other Life:

It is chaotic, disappointing, exciting, and sleepless. I’m a voyeur, what can I say? I will be driving down the road and see flashing lights and I follow. I always have my press pass with me. I just have to know what is going on.

Covering fires on the Westside of the Valley is sort of a specialty of mine, and I have to say, the raid siren in Mendon seems to only go off in the middle of the night. And yet I can’t seem to stop. …

Here comes the soapbox. I truly believe in the legitimacy of the quote by Thomas Jefferson: If I had to choose between a government with no press, or a press with no government, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the latter.

 Yes, print newspapers are dying, but people are consuming more news today than they ever have because of new mediums. No, there is not a sustainable model for online journalism – yet. That does not mean news and journalism dies. It means it evolves, and journalists must evolve with it.

 The great thing is, this brought me to the CPD, the UATP. I’ve really learned here about a social issue on which I knew too little of (disability, of course). It really has helped me have a new and better perspective in my writing and my life. People first language is my new mantra.


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