Heidi’s Happenings: March Merriment

April 19, 2012 by cpehrson

March was a great month here at the DSL worksite!  We had lots of activities!

Kite flying in a blue sky

        We went kite flying at one field on campus. 

Two people flying kites in a field

Three people on a hill flying kites






We also went by bus to the theater to have yummy, buttery popcorn while we all listened to and watched the movie “The Lorax.”  After that, we thanked those guys for inviting my bus buds to come down and see this flick.

My buds and I traveled by bus to an ice cream shop to have one lick of ice cream.

We went to the Logan Herald Journal and saw how their paper gets printed and put together.  When we got there, we got to see how these giant presses run.  After all of us had gone ahead, we thanked those guys for letting us come to the building.  Then we got loaded on the bus and van to run back here to DSL.

We grabbed what we needed, loaded up and buckled in, on our way home.  We are always very diligent about buckling up tight and low, preferably before we go!

We are excited to do things in April, and are excited that the weather is warming up!


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5 Responses to “Heidi’s Happenings: March Merriment”

  • Brittany Mangelson Says:

    Good job, Heidi! I sure do miss working with you guys. Keep up with the writing, it makes me SO happy to hear how you guys are doing! And I love that picture of Ben. I need to come up and visit!!

  • Daurie Bastian Says:

    Heidi Sue Subaru!  Great writing!  I am so very proud of all the hard work you put into “Heid’s Happenings”!  It is so great that you tell all the folks about the great time we have here at the DSL Worksite!  I can’t wait to read about all of the fun things we are doing this month!! 
    Daurie Lynn 🙂

  • Lynette Hansen - Jeff's mom Says:

    This is awesome, Heidi.  I love reading about your adventures.

  • Sherriejones Says:

    Hey, glad to see you and your buds have such great fun! Great work keep your writing going…
    Cindy ‘s mom, Sherrie Jones

  • Laurie Fifield Says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun in March, Heidi!

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