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Heidi’s Happenings: News from the DSL

October 20, 2011 by cpehrson

Heidi is a participant at the Developmental Skills Laboratory (DSL), an adult day program of the CPD. Heidi loves to type and each month she shares the fun activities that are going on at DSL.

photo of Heidi

In September, my friends and I went to an enormous planetarium (Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City).  I felt like we actually stood directly on the rounded moon that Neil (Armstrong) walked on while he was doing his first space-walk for the first time.  My buds and I traveled by train from Ogden to the state Capitol building.

Heidi on the train

While we were there, we hopped onto one TRAX train and ate our yummy lunches at the train station.  Then it was time to go back to Ogden. My buds and I met this train engineer that was just so caring and kind.  He even  put out a special ramp for our wheelchairs so we could get on the train!

train conductor
We also went to see the movie “Dolphin Tale.”  Not all my buds got to see this movie, as the bus broke down at the work-site.  Those who did get to see the movie really enjoyed it!

We have already done many activities in October.  And I will write all about them!


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  • Daurie Bastian

    Good Job Heidi Sue Subaru! I am soooo proud of you and all of your very hard work!!! Daurie

  • Niki Jackson

    Love you Heidi Sue! It’s sounds like you’re having a Spooktacular October! Tell all of your buds hi for me :)

  • Jann Pugmire

    It sounds like you had a great time. I am soooo… jealous. Hope you and your Mom are doing well. Please say Hi to her for me. Have a great Halloween.

  • Richard

    Heidi – it sounds like you had a GREAT time. Thanks for the story!

  • Laurie Fifield

    What a fun outing! I’m glad to see the pictures. I missed you Monday and hope you’re feeling better soon. Laurie

  • JoLynne Lyon

    I love those pictures!