Let’s Talk! about health care transition for young adults

September 2, 2011 by cpehrson

There is a great blog written by CPD’s Jeff Sheen about transition topics for youth with developmental disabilities.  The blog is sponsored by the New Community Opportunities Center, a training and technical assistance program of the Independent Living Research Utilization organization (ILRU).

The latest CIL Transition blog is about just that–young adults transitioning from pediatric health care to adult health care services.  Youth, and their parents, often have strong ties with their pediatric caregiver and are reluctant to transfer to another doctor when they are older.

Today’s Let’s Talk topic is addressing the benefits and challenges that come when youth need to transition to an adult health care provider.

What challenges did you face when you transitioned from pediatric to adult health care?

What benefits have you found by having an adult health care provider?

What advice would you give to a young adult and their parents who are needing to move to an adult health care provider?

We would love to have you share your experiences with our readers!

Ready, set, Let’s Talk!

Let us know of other topics that you would like to talk about on the Let’s Talk! blog.

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