Newsletter has some “berry” good ideas

July 29, 2011 by cpehrson

There is nothing better than eating a juicy, ripe strawberry, but have you ever eaten a cloudberry? Or what about a thimbleberry?  Ever tried a chokecherry?

These are just some of the berries mentioned in the Child Care Nutrition Program’s August/September Newsletter. It goes on to point out that “research has now firmly established that the dietary intake of berry fruits has a positive and profound impact on human health, performance, and disease.” Along with encouraging child care providers to include berries in their meals and snacks, the newsletter has a yummy recipe for a Blueberry Sauce to go on waffles, ice cream, etc.!

The Child Care Nutrition Program (CCNP) at the CPD puts out a bi-monthly newsletter for child care providers in Utah that contains nutritional guidelines and information. CCNP has a contract from the Utah State Office of Education to provide services directly to family child care homes and help them provide quality meals to the children they care for.  It has been proven that children who receive good quality, nutritious meals in sufficient quantities from birth through school age begin school with a distinct advantage over those children who have not had such meals available.

To learn more about this nutrition program contact Jeanie Peck, CCNP Director.

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