CPD Legacy Story: Owen Cook

June 16, 2011 by cpehrson

This Legacy Story is written by Jennifer Cook whose son, Owen, is part of the Up to 3 Early Intervention Program at the CPD.

When Owen was 18 months, we started doing evaluations to see if he was eligible for services with this programĀ  (Up to 3 Early Intervention Program). We were very nervous at first about what things would be like and how he would be treated, but those nervous feelings subsided with the very first meeting. Everyone we have worked with since that first day has been nothing but kind and considerate to us.

As we learned more and started getting some techniques and guidance, we saw a big difference in our son. It wasn’t overnight, but everyone has been so good to us. They have been encouraging and given us advice, support, and ways to have a better relationship with our son. We have felt listened to, cared about, and strengthened by these wonderful people that we’ve worked with. One of these caring people even gave up a part of her Saturday to help teach my family and my husband’s family some techniques to better communicate with Owen as well.

We have really felt encouraged, informed and truly cared for by the people we have worked with. Having a child with autism can be very challenging and we’ve worried about things like development, learning, social interactions, if he’s happy, if we’re doing okay as parents, and many other things, as you can imagine, but we have felt cared for and that every one of these worries and concerns have been addressed and that we as parents have been cared about as well.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to make use of these wonderful people and services if there is a need. You will feel loved and strengthened through a challenging time in your life as well as your own child’s development. You will feel cared about and that your child is special, and not just another person that they work with.

I trust these people whole-heartedly and know that they have the best interest for my son in mind. I will forever be grateful to have been a part of this program and to have not only great specialists, but friends.

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