Youngest CAC member has a “can do” attitude

February 28, 2011 by cpehrson

There is probably not a more enthusiastic basketball fan in all of Cache Valley than the CPD’s newest and youngest Consumer Advisory Council self-advocate member, Ben Ballam.

Ben’s love of the game has changed the lives of several of his high school classmates who are “taking their game to a whole new level on Saturday afternoons” when they meet with Ben to play wheelchair basketball.

Ben, who was born with spina bifida, has been playing basketball from his wheelchair since he was a young child. His passion for the game has led him to the Logan High School gym where his enthusiasm has inspired the Grizzlies varsity team to play their hardest– just because he was there.  In turn, they have volunteered to come and play Ben’s kind of basketball with him, and on his level…”a way tough” way to play basketball, says the LHS varsity basketball coach Logan Brown.

The Logan Herald Journal has covered Ben’s love of basketball on a video and in a news article.

Ben’s life exemplifies what the CPD is all about—advocating for people with disabilities, improving their lives, and helping them become more active participants in their communities.

Ben’s natural enthusiasm for playing basketball is helping a generation of young people gain a “new perspective” on what it means to have a disability.  And he is showing the world that it is more about what you can do rather than what you cannot do.

It looks like Ben is going to be doing a lot of things in his life…only on a different level.

The CPD is grateful for the long association the Ballam family has had with us, serving on both the CPD Advisory Council and the Consumer Advisory Council.

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  • charlotte spencer Says:

    Congrats Ben ! And how great are those young men who dedicate their time on sleep-in Saturdays to come and play ball at a whole new level of play! Cudos to you Ben and to those exemplary players as well! We could all learn a little bit from them!

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