New Year, new title, new day program supervisor for CPD’s adult program

January 6, 2011 by JoLynne Lyon

Day program supervisor Dauri Bastian, right, works with BRASC participant Heidi Hill last year.

The Bear River Activity and Skill Center is now the Developmental Skills Laboratory, or DSL. Program Coordinator Drake Rasmussen said the change reflects the DSL’s relationship with Utah State University.

The DSL program is designed to support adults with relatively severe disabilities by training and maintaining the skills necessary for their greatest independence. In addition, it provides participants with activities that encourage their inclusion into the community.

Its name change underscores the program’s role as a place for research and real world experience. Students in both speech and music therapy come regularly to work with DSL participants and receive training in a real environment. The DSL is also the setting for graduate-level behavioral research.

In addition to the name change, the DSL welcomes its new day program supervisor. Dauri Bastian has worked at BRASC for three years and will now replace Suzanne Wiser.

“” I want to help each individual participant reach his or her full potential by creating a warm and inviting environment,” said Bastian. She plans to focus on social relationships and learning activities.

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2 Responses to “New Year, new title, new day program supervisor for CPD’s adult program”

  • JoLynne Lyon Says:

    Tracy, thanks for your comment. There are programs on the Utah State University campus and at the CPD that include peer mentoring, but without knowing more about your situation it’s hard to say if they’d be a good fit. USU’s Disability Resource Center recommended the Association on Higher Education and Disability website, which includes a special interest group on Asperger Syndrome. Good luck!

  • Tracy Says:

    Why not start up something for Aspergers that will help me integrate social skills? I am concerned that there is not enough low-cost or free ways for me to learn social skills as an adult. This is a nice site and having a friendly chat room with supportive moderators and good-willed teens or adults would be conducive to this environment of learning.

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