CPD Legacy Story: Blake Savage

January 18, 2011 by cpehrson

Written by Connie Pehrson from an interview with Blake and Robin.

Blake Savage and his wife Robin are members of the CPD Consumer Advisory Council.


When you are looking for some healthy plants for your garden this spring, you’ll want to check out a small greenhouse in Hyrum, Utah run by Blake and Robin Savage.

Blake started his greenhouse business after the family farm was sold.  He lives with his wife, Robin, in his grandmother’s house that was part of the family farm.  It was there that he found an outlet for his green thumb to continue to nurture the soil and grow healthy vegetable plants that he now sells to others.

Blake was born in Salt Lake City and his family moved to Hyrum when he was 5 years old.  It was then  that Blake came to the CPD to participate in the Special Education classroom that was offered here at that time, learning skills that would help him throughout his life.  In the late 1980’s, when the children in Special Education were mainstreamed back into the district schools, Blake moved to Lincoln Elementary School as a sixth grader.  He went on to attend South Cache Middle School and Mountain Crest High School through the 12th grade. After high school, Blake started working at Deseret Industries, learning job skills that would help him find a new job and become even more independent.

Blake decided to go on a short mission for his church and served in nearby Ogden, Utah.  After his mission was over, Blake worked at the Cache Industries program for a short while before landing a job as a janitor at South Cache Center (Middle School) in Hyrum.  He has worked there for over 21 years.

Another passion of Blake’s is music, and when the family farm was sold, he needed something else to keep him busy so he started out as a Disc Jockey for the local Special Needs dances in the valley.  Blake says that he is available to come to any dance that needs a great DJ!

Along the way, Blake met his sweet wife, Robin, at the Single’s Ward they both attended.  They soon got married and moved into his grandmother’s house.  Robin is a great homemaker and helps with the greenhouse when she is not working at the local school lunchrooms.

Blake has served on the CPD’s Consumer Advocacy Council for over 5 years, and now Robin is working by his side as a CAC member, also.  They help to keep the CPD on track by sharing their experiences and opinions about disability issues that impact their lives.

Together, they are carving out a good life; happy, independent, productive, and successful.

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