PEER program is off to a good start

November 16, 2010 by cpehrson

By Kerry Done,  Lead Teacher of the Postsecondary Education, Employment, and Research (PEER) program at the CPD.

Kerry Done working with a PEER student.

The PEER program is off to a good start this year.  We have five students coming from Logan School District and twelve from the Cache School District, making a total of seventeen PEER participants.

We are excited when our students become more independent and this year we are seeing less of them coming to campus on the district school buses, and more riding the local city and county buses.  We even have one student who is driving himself to school!  Two others are taking the Driver’s Education course and preparing to get their Driver’s Licenses.

During their time at PEER, the students work on the goals that have been identified in their individual education programs (IEP).  Several of them want to finish their high school studies and get their GEDs.  A few of them are planning to go on to college and we work with them on preparing for the ACT test and filling out college entrance forms.

An important part of our program is placing our students in jobs on and off campus.  This year, we have two students who are working on campus at the campus food court, bussing tables and emptying garbage cans. Another student is working with the USU Anthropology Museum, researching artifacts and creating placards to display with the artifacts.  Two others are working off campus, one at the food counter of a local movie theater, and another as a custodian for the Logan School District.

We spend a lot of time working on skills that will help our students live independently and have greater self-reliance.  Skills like planning a menu, shopping and cooking; budgeting and using their money wisely; purchasing and caring for clothing.

It is so rewarding to see them growing and learning skills that will help them take care of themselves when they are prepared and ready to be out on their own.

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