Playing for good

July 10, 2009 by Bryce

Each summer, Utah State University is home to many refugees from the Arizona heat.  Participants in USU’s Summer Citizens program spend much of June,  July, and some of August in Cache Valley.  The campus provides a variety of educational, recreational and cultural events for these Summer Citizens, some of whom have been participating for over 20 years.

This year, a handful of Summer Citizens participated in a week-long seminar conducted by  CPD Director Dr. Bryce Fifield about online games supporting charitable efforts.  The CPD has developed an online game called Play for Good that provides players a chance to help raise funds for CPD programs and increase public awareness about disability issues.  Summer Citizens played the CPD game as well as other online games and sharpened their memories, vocabulary, math, and spelling skills.  They also field tested new questions in spelling, math, and analogies and developed geography questions that will be online in the next two weeks. 

You can visit the CPD’s Play for Good game and see what all the fun was about.