An Opportunity to Get Involved

July 10, 2009 by cpehrson

The Utah Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC), an agency member of the CPD Consumer Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Family to Family Network, the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities, Utah Independent Living Centers, and Utah Parent Center, recently formed the Grassroots Organizing Partnership.

This grassroots effort will help people tell their stories and educate policy makers and the community as a whole about the issues that impact the lives of people living with disabilities and the importance of funding supports so people can live their lives as independently as possible. 

The DDC is looking for strong voices in the disability community who will work hard for what they believe in and educate policy and decision makers about disability issues.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Grassroots Organizing Partnership, you can contact Marsha Honore-Jones at 801-533-3965 or 800-333-8824, or email her at

You can also watch Utah Developmental Disabilities Council Executive Director Claire Montoya discuss the Grassroots Organizing Partnership on an Access Utah Now broadcast.