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Occupational Therapist

055296 - Occupational therapy services include:
Evaluation/assessment and treatment in the areas of: fine motor, self-help/adaptive, sensory motor, feeding, and postural development in children birth to 3.
Interpretation and integration of information needed to develop an individualized treatment plan to improve an individual's functional ability and adaptation to the environment and, other activities as assigned.
Responsibilities 1. Assessment in the area of fine motor, feeding, adaptive, sensory motor and postural development, using standardized norm-referenced, criterion, and/or curriculum based evaluations and assessments
2. Assessment practices to assist with the selection, design, fabrication, and referral (if necessary) for assistive and orthotic devices to allow the child to have increased function and participation in their home and other environments
3. Customize treatment programs related to:
a) Pervasive developmental disorders
b) Other disorders that impair functioning in home, school, and social environments
c) Visual impairment
d) Dysphagia
e) Ability to perform daily activities
f) Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training
g) Guidance to family members and caregivers
4. Nature and demands of:
a) Family-centered service delivery
b) Facilitation and development of interdisciplinary treatment plans
c) The combined use of community programs, activities, and services to meet the needs identified by the individual treatment plans
Minimum Qualifications 1. Bachelor's or Master's in Occupational Therapy and Utah state licensure(s) required by the Utah Office of Occupational Licensing applicable to the profession (or eligible to apply);
2. At least 2 years' experience working with children under age 3 with disabilities and their families;
3. Baby Watch Early Intervention Credential II or ability to obtain and maintain credential;
4. Maintenance of appropriate professional affiliation(s) needed to supervise undergraduate and graduate students during practicum, student teaching and internships.
Preferred Qualifications Preference will be given to professionals able to demonstrate experience or knowledge in:
1. Certification in Sensory Integration;
2. Experience providing specialized services to children with Autism;
3 Course work and/or certification in Nero-developmental treatment.