The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

CAC Council Minutes.

CPD Consumer Advisory Council
January 29, 2014

In attendance:  Kelly Holt, Gordon Richins, Brandi Dodds, Mary Kava, Mat Bone, Isaac Gorostieta, James Kreutzberg, Adina Zahradnikova, Jeri Nava, Bryce Fifield, Marilyn Hammond, Shane Johnson, Jeff Sheen, Sharon Weston
Participating by conference phone:  Kim Datwyler, Vickie Brenchley, Laura Anderson, Hayley Mitchell, Sonia Schugk

As the current Chair of the Consumer Advisory Council, Kelly Holt welcomed participants to the meeting and introductions were made.

Kelly circulated a worksheet inviting CAC members to sign up to participate in writing a Blog for the CPD Website in the coming year.

Fundraising Efforts – Shane Johnson, the Associate Development Officer for the CPD, was present to give Council members some basic ideas for meeting the fundraising goals.  Two handouts were included in the agenda packet. The first described the two fundraising priorities set by the CAC of (1) continued funding for the Community Investment Fund and (2) Council Member Travel Stipends.  The second handout gave basic steps for organizing a restaurant fundraiser.  He discussed this with Council members.  Participants also shared their own fundraising experiences and other ideas that have been successful in their own communities.  Shane explained that the restaurant fundraisers provide a good way to learn about fundraising if you are new to it.  He invited Council members to call him for more information, to discuss other ideas, or with any other questions that may come up.  Bryce assured the Council members that every $ raised from the fundraising efforts will go directly towards funding for the Community Investment Fund and Council Travel Stipends. 

Community Investment Fund – For the benefit of new members, Dr. Fifield gave a brief description of the Community Investment Fund.  The award is presented to a 501(3)c organization that is doing outstanding work in advocating and serving the disability community. The CPD initially provided seed money as start-up funding to launch the Community Investment Fund initiative in 2010.  In order to provide continued funding for the award, the CAC will pursue fundraising activities. 

For the current award, it was agreed that Family and Agency Representatives of the CAC would nominate 501(3)c organizations for the award and provide a brief description of the work of the organization in outreach and service to the disability population. There is $500 available to award for the current year.  It was agreed, that once the nominations were submitted and reviewed, the self advocates of the CAC would vote to determine the winner.  There were 8 nominations made for this competition, including S’plore, Utah Brain Injury Association, Red Rock Center for Independence, Options for Independence, Arts Access, Freedom Riders, Autism Gives, and the Utah Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities. A brief summary of each of the nominations was provided at this meeting prior to the final vote.  After each of the self advocates cast their vote, it was determined that the Utah Brain Association would receive the $500 award for this period.

Kelly Holt thanked CAC members for their thoughtful input into the nominations and reviews. It was interesting to learn more about the excellent work of organizations around the state that provide services to the disability community. Thanks also to Marilyn Hammond and Gordon Richins for working with the Council members to facilitate the process.  Dr. Fifield stressed the importance of the CAC taking ownership for the Community Investment Fund Initiative.

After each award competition, the Council takes time to review and refine the nomination and award process.  It was the consensus of the group that to help scale back the number of nominations for future competitions, nominations will be made by CAC family representatives and CAC agency representatives in alternating competitions.  The role of self advocates will be to review the nominations and vote to determine the winner.  It was agreed that the agency representatives will submit the nominations for the June award. Marilyn Hammond and Gordon Richins will work to facilitate the nomination and review the process.  Marilyn suggested that each of the nominees receive a letter acknowledging their excellent work.  Bryce will draft a letter to be sent.  Adina suggested that there may be value in inviting future nominees to meet with the CAC either in person, by phone, or SKYPE to describe the work of their organization.

Review of CPD Five Year Plan – Mat Bone, CAC Vice Chair, reported that the CAC Program Committee met on December 5th to review the CPD 5-Year Progress Report of Accomplishments.  He indicated that the CPD had more than exceeded the goals that were set for each of the priority areas. Dr. Fifield provided a brief description of the five goals and the associated accomplishments.  On behalf of the Program Committee, Mat Bone made a motion that the CPD Consumer Advisory Council formally recognize the excellent work of the CPD in meeting these goals and approve the Progress Report as written.  The motion was seconded by Mary Kava and passed unanimously.  Bryce thanked the CAC for their review and endorsement of the progress report.  He pointed out that the input of the CAC in reviewing the goals of the 5 year plan and the associated accomplishments is essential in meeting our responsibilities to the federal funding agency.

Committee Reports – Kelly encouraged new members to choose a committee they would like to work on during the coming year.  Due to time constraints, we will discuss the committee memberships further at the next meeting. Isaac expressed an interest in working with Shane on the fundraising committee.
• Bylaws Committee – The bylaws were amended in 2013.  There have been no further proposed revisions.
• Program Committee – The Program Committee met December 5, 2013, to review the CPD annual progress report.
• Membership Committee – There is one vacancy on the CAC for a self advocate.  Kelly Holt reported that two names have been submitted for consideration.
• Fundraising Committee – It was determined that all members of the CAC would participate on the Fundraising Committee.  Isaac Gorostieta will work with Shane Johnson to chair the work of the committee.
• Social Committee – Vickie Brenchley is the new chair of the committee.  She will contact Sharon about getting the information and materials she will need.

CAC Chair Report – Kelly Holt thanked CAC members for their attendance and participation in the work of the Community Investment Fund Award.  She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve as a member of the CPD Consumer Advisory Group and to serve in the position as Chair of the Council.  The work of the CAC has provided her opportunities to learn new skills and to serve in a leadership position. 

Mary Kava made the motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Kim Datwyler.  The CAC will meet again in June.