CAC Bylaws

BYLAWS for the Center for Persons with Disabilities CONSUMER ADVISORY COUNCIL (CAC) (As amended 06/20/2013)


The name of this organization is the Center for Persons with Disabilities’ CONSUMER ADVISORY Council (CAC).  Its headquarters shall be housed at the Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD), Utah State University, in Logan, Utah.

ARTICLE II:  CAC Mission Statement 

Section I:     Authorization

The Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) at Utah State University is a University Center of Excellence in Developmental disabilities (UCEDD) as defined and authorized by the Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000. The CPD was established in 1972 and is housed in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University.  The CPD engages in research, education, technical assistance, exemplary services, and dissemination to further the independence, community integration, and quality of life for people with disabilities.

a)    The CAC will develop strong partnerships within the university environment.
b)    The CAC will develop strong partnerships within the community statewide.
c)    The CAC will develop strong partnerships with advocacy groups at the local, state, and national level.

Section II:    Role

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) of the Center for Persons with Disabilities is authorized by the Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000.  The CAC is an advisory body of important stakeholders in the disability community and works in conjunction with other CPD advisory boards.

Section III:  Duties

a)    Develop an overall understanding of the CPD and its work;

b)    Advocate for and on behalf of the CPD and its work;

c)     Support and contribute to the development activities of the CPD

d)     Advise and inform the CPD Director about others organizations, programs, or activities that may provide opportunities for CPD collaboration

e)     Consult with the Director of the Center for Persons with Disabilities about

         i.  The development of the 5 year plan (core grant) and

        ii.   The development of and revisions to the mission statement of the CPD;

f)    Review and comment on annual progress toward achieving the goals of the plan;

g)   Suggest revisions to improve the plan; 

h)    Participate in strategic planning for the CPD

i)     Participate in fundraising and other development activities to suport the CPD; and

j)    Conduct other business as desired in pursuit of the core functions of the Center to promote independence and self determination with and for individuals with developmental disabilities.

ARTICLE III:  Membership

Section I:      Representation on the Consumer Advisory Council

a)    The makeup of the CAC's membership shall be guided by the principles outlined in the Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000.

b)     A majority of the members shall be individuals with developmental disabilities and family members of such individuals;

c)    Membership shall  include:
        i.    a representative of the State protection and advocacy system (Disability Law Center);
       ii.    a representative of the  State Council on Developmental Disabilities (Utah Developmental Disabilities Council);
      iii.    a representative of a self-advocacy organization described in section 124(c)(4)(A)(ii)(I);

d)    Membership may include representatives of organizations such as:
        i.    parent training and information centers assisted under section 682 or 683 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 U.S.C. 1482, 1483);
       ii.    organizations carrying out activities authorized under section 101 or 102 of the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 (29 U.S.C. 3011, 3012);
      iii.    relevant state agencies;
      iv.    other community groups concerned with the welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families that reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the State.
       v.    membership shall reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the state.

Section II:     Number of CAC Members

a)      The CAC shall have no more than 15 total members.

b)      The CAC shall have 5 members who have developmental disabilities and 5 members who have family members with developmental disabilities.

Section III:      Terms

a)     Members will serve one 3-year term with the option of one additional 3-year term.

b)     Members may resign by giving a 10 day notice in writing to the CAC Chairperson, the CPD Director, or the CPD Consumer Liaison.

Section IV:  Eligibility

A person is eligible to serve on the CAC if they are a resident of the State of Utah and not currently employed by the CPD or any of its affiliated programs.

Section V:     CPD Staff Support to the CAC

The CPD Consumer Liaison shall act as staff to the Consumer Advisory Council. The CPD Director will assign support staff to the Consumer Advisory Council, as appropriate.

ARTICLE IV:     Duties and Authority of Officers

Section I:     Officers

a)     Chairperson

b)     Vice Chairperson

c)     Secretary

Section II:     Duties and Authority of Officers

a)     The Chairperson shall

b)     The Vice Chairperson shall

c)     The Secretary shall

Section III:     Elections of Officers

a)     Nominations of officers may be made by phone or in writing to the Consumer Liaison of the CPD prior to the election meeting and/or made from the floor by members present.

b)    Nominees must either be a self advocate or a family member of an individual with a disability.

c)     Nominees must give prior approval of their nomination.

d)    Election of the Chairperson shall be held during the Spring meeting of odd years.

e)    Election of the Vice-Chairperson shall be held during the Spring meeting of even years.

f)     Election of the Secretary shall be held during the Spring meeting of odd years.

Section IV:      Term of Office

a)    New officers shall assume their duties upon election and will hold office for a two-year term.

b)    In the event of a vacancy, an election will be called at the next CAC meeting.

c)     If an officer's term of membership as defined in Article III is about to expire, it will be extended until their term of office under this Section expires.

ARTICLE V:  Committees

Section I:      Standing Committees of the CAC include
a)     Executive - The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the Council. The Committee will provide leadership and will have and exercise the authority of the Council between meetings of the Council.

 b)     Bylaws - The Bylaws Committee will review the bylaws on an annual basis or as needed and make recommendations for changes to the full CAC.

c)     Membership -  The Membership Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, who will bring those recommendations before the full CAC for a vote. Appointment to the CAC will be made through the Dean's Office.

d)     Program - The Program Committee will work with the Director of the CPD to review the strategic planning process and provide feedback pertaining to the five year plan and progress toward accomplishing the goals and objectives outlined in that plan.  They will communicate their findings and recommendations to the full CAC.

e)     Social - The Social Committee will be aware of events and happenings that should be recognized by sending a card or other recognition from the CAC.

f)     The Development Committee will collaboratively identify appropriate, creative ideas for fundraising activities, including fundraising and awards.  The full CAC will make decisions about the use of these funds.  All fundraising activities must follow the guidelines established by Utah State University and will be deposited into a fund on campus.

Section II:      Ad hoc Committees - 
    Ad hoc Committees will be formed to carry out activities as assigned by CAC.

ARTICLE VI:  Meetings

Section I:     Meetings

a)    Two meetings shall be scheduled annually, one in Fall and another in Spring.

b)    Working committees may meet as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the CAC throughout the year.

Section II:     Quorum

    A quorum will consist of a majority of voting members present.

Section III:     Voting

    Proxies will be allowed by notifying the chair prior to the meeting.

ARTICLE VII:  Amendments

a)    Bylaw revisions must be discussed and voted on by CAC members.
b)    Proposed changes must be furnished in writing at least three weeks prior to voting via surface or email.
c)    A majority of members must approve changes.