The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University

Consumer Advisory Council

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) is composed of individuals with disabilities, family members, representatives of government entitites and local agencies who work with people with disabilities, and staff liaisons who advise the CPD director about the Center's impact on systems change, advocacy, and capacity building. The CAC is one of the primary advising and guiding bodies for the CPD.  The CAC members work with CPD staff to develop and approve the CPD's annual goals and regularly reviews progress towards their accomplishment. 

Members bring many different perspectives, ideas, and views to the council.  They represent the varied geographical areas and disability issues within Utah.

Council Members

Kelly Holt, CHAIR                    
Brandi Dodds, SECRETARY
Isaac Gorostieta

Hayley Mitchell

Mathew Bone, VICE CHAIR     

Laura Anderson 

Vickie Brenchley

Jeri Nava                                             

Mary V Kava                              

Adina Zahradnikova, Exec Director
Disability Law Center
Claire Mantonya, Exec Director
Utah Developmental Disabilities Council
Sonjia Naron
Red Rock Center for Independence
Kim Datwyler 
Neighborhood Housing Solutions             
James D Kreutzberg
 Cache Valley Center for the Arts

Bryce Fifield, CPD Director

Cyndi Rowland, CPD Associate Director

Gordon Richins, CPD Consumer Liaison

Jeff Sheen, CPD Policy Specialist