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The “why” behind the design: one man’s experience with web accessibility training

WebAIM regularly brings web developers and other professionals to Utah State University, where they conduct trainings on accessibility.┬áRecently, participant Dan Hendrickson wrote what that experience meant to him: One of the most memorable experiences was visiting another building on the USU campus that showcased assistive technologies. Walking through the halls we saw old and new… full story

January 19, 2018


Legacy of Excellence

Just for the Health of It Newsletter

A new  CPD quarterly newsletter offers tips for healthy living and self-advocacy for people with developmental disabilities!  Read the first issue of Just for the Health of It here. Subscribe to the mailing list to receive future issues here.

Construction Updates/Moving Schedules

Construction of the new Sorenson Legacy Foundation Center for Clinical Excellence Building means frequent disruptions in parking, water, power, etc. Stay informed by accessing the link below.

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